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We can offer charting and trading software for stock/futures brokers around the world


Subscription costs includes software and forex datafeeds. Just now we provide two separate forex datafeeds: FXCM (above 60 currencies) from FXCM broker, you can trade from XTick Everest with this feed, and Standard forex feed (about 40 currencies mixed from some banks). Also we provide CFD for US Stocks (about 50 tickers) and CFD for some World indices. CFD are included into subscription cost too.

Subscription periodXTick Everest OS XXTick Extreme for OS XXTick Extreme for Windows
1 monthbeta-test$29/month$79/month
1 yearbeta-test$299/year


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XTick Everest OS X XTick Extreme Windows XTick Extreme OS X
1 month 1 month 1 month
12 months 12 months 12 months
Total cost is US Dollars

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